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AnVir Task Manager Pro 9.2

Controls everything running on computer, removes Trojans, speeds up computer
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AnVir Task Manager Pro is an enhanced task manager for Windows that puts you in complete control over important features and aspects of your system, such as the running processes, the services or the startup items. It can also monitor the Internet connections, CPU usage, disk usage, memory usage, DLLs, drivers, locked files, opened windows, etc.

Its most important advantage is its comprehensiveness. It displays a large variety of details for every running process, opened application, Windows service or startup item. This program shows the involved DDLs, connections or even drivers for every entry. It even provides a neat and handy risk assessment value for every item. This value should help you identify potentially dangerous running processes or startup entries. I really like that it offers handy descriptions for more than 70 000 startup programs, services and Internet Explorer extensions, making it even easier for you to know exactly what’s running on your system and if any perilous files or processes are around. For an even higher level of security, alerts for newly detected startup entries are also available.

Anyway, AnVir Task Manager Pro doesn’t make your system more secure, but also faster. It can change the priority of processes, limit the CPU usage of processes or optimize the memory usage in order to make the system react faster to your requests.

Despite being so complex and powerful, AnVir Task Manager Pro is also quite intuitive and simple-to-use. Everyone can get the hang of it in a short time as it makes use of a neat, well-organized interface.

In conclusion, AnVir Task Manager Pro is one of the most powerful and reliable task manager replacements for Windows that one can find. It’s a truly complex tool that makes every penny of its price be completely justified.

Margie Smeer
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